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Introducing Gareth Lai, Advisor for Coindirect

Gareth is a partner at Lumen a multi-strategy investment firm focused on both token and equity investments. In parallel, they incubate geographically strategic blockchain companies through their lifecycle. They draw from backgrounds in tech, legal and marketing to provide unique value to companies looking to enter into blockchain or into the Asian market. He was […]

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Introducing Perry Blacher, Business Adviser for Coindirect

Perry is a fintech specialist with 25 years experience building and operating online businesses. He created and helped build businesses online in asset management, remittances, lending/credit, debt management, payments and mobile money (and at all stages of growth). Perry has experience on both sides of the table. He built three businesses directly, two sold to […]

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Introducing Sandra Wu, Legal Adviser for Coindirect

Sandra Wu is a Private Equity & Corporate (Mergers & Acquisitions) Lawyer experienced in blockchain and distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies and the new capital raising techniques and structures for new economy businesses, ranging from ICO & STO issuers to crypto funds and crypto venture capital. Sandra advisers ICO issuers and tech startups on […]

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5 More Quirks From The Short History of Crypto

For a growing industry that seems to head in every conceivable direction at once, it’s no surprise that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have made some interesting connections along the way. Ashton Kutcher’s turn to tech From playing a dumb teenager in That 70’s Show to a seasoned Crypto investor. Ashton Kutcher’s investments in Ripple and […]

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