May 1, 2019

The advantages of using cryptocurrency in the gambling industry

Cryptocurrency and gambling

Gambling and cryptocurrency have never looked better together.

Cryptocurrency has offered a brand new insight into what money can look like without borders, centralisation, and tracking. For anyone interested in gambling, these features are ideal as a legal method of paying out winnings.

Whether you cater to the casino connoisseurs, bring in the betting, or supply the slots, you probably want to offer your customers more choices. And this is where we can help. Payment is such an intricate part of gambling and increasing the options of payouts to your customers is only going to increase your customer reach.

Coindirect Business offers better payment plans with crypto

One of the best things about cryptocurrency payments is how efficient they are – quicker and cheaper. The only problem is that cryptocurrency is complicated business.

But it doesn’t need to be. Coindirect Business offers a way of providing Bitcoin payments without requiring any complicated infrastructure or blockchain systems in place. In addition, it is not required that the gambling business holds or manages any cryptocurrency at all. The Coindirect Business platform deals with all of the complexities, allowing the company to offer simple crypto payments to customers in a secure, safe, and regulated way.

Why cryptocurrency is enticing to gambling customers

Cryptocurrency payments are secure

Gambling and risk go hand-in-hand with one another on a fundamental level. Just because it’s the nature of the game, however, it does not need to be the nature of your business.

Coindirect Business provides a plug-and-play platform which allows you to settle payments with customers using cryptocurrency as an asset with no currency risk involved.

Crypto payments are anonymous

Most online gamblers appreciate privacy behind their screens, but might not be able to find a private way of funding. With cryptocurrency and Bitcoin payments, it’s possible to offer an entirely faceless experience to customers from signing up to pay out.

In order to keep payments secure while retaining privacy, Coindirect Business has custom machine learning models which prevent fraudulent payments so that both the company and the customers are protected.

Cryptocurrency opens up global opportunities

Cryptocurrency and its borderless payments mean that paying in Bitcoin allows more global reach so that customers can enjoy gambling without locational restrictions.

Picture this: Greg from Kenya wants to bet on sports on a South African betting site but he’s not interested in the delay it will take his winnings to be changed from the South African Rand to his Kenyan shillings. He’s also not interested in the bank fees attached. He might be a winner, but this is not a winning situation.

Coindirect Business alleviates that problem through cryptocurrency payments. If Greg wins big and gets his pay-out in Bitcoin, he receives it immediately with fewer fees. After the good experience, you can bet on Greg being happy with his Bitcoin payment and coming back to play again.

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