February 26, 2018

How To Get Started with the Coindirect Affiliate Program

We’ve created a way to reward our customers for spreading the word about Coindirect, by giving you the option to earn passive income through our platform. We recognise how powerful word-of-mouth can be, so whether you’re a blogger, vlogger, social media influencer or even just a regular Coindirect user, you can benefit by joining this program. With daily payouts, the program aims to give back to the people helping to further expand the growing Coindirect community. It’s a win-win, and opting in is simple and free. See the steps below to find out how to get started.

How it works

If your friend signs up as a new user using your unique link, you will earn 20% commission on every trade they buy going forward, for your referral’s lifetime.

Benefits of being an affiliate

  • You can earn 20% commission on your referrals’ trade fees.
  • You earn in the base currency your referral buys in
  • Earn for your referral’s lifetime
  • You get paid directly into your Coindirect wallet
  • You get paid daily at midnight UTC
  • You can see your commission grow on your Dashboard over time

Pro Tip:

Refer sellers to get the most out of our program. You will earn commission regardless if you bring in buyers or sellers. However, sellers have higher trading volumes and order value — so there is potential for you to earn more by referring them.

Step 1: Sign Up to the Affiliate program

You can click straight through to the Affiliate page or you can click on the “Affiliates Tab” on the top left menu bar.

If you’re not already a Coindirect user, you can see an article here that will help you sign up for an account with us easily.

This page provides a breakdown of how the referral process works and explains how and when you will get paid.

Step 2: Activate the affiliate program on your account

If you already have an account with Coindirect, joining the affiliate program is a one-click step. No additional sign up details, no waiting period and no fees. Just daily cryptocurrency payouts based on the commissions from the referral transaction fees.

Log into your account, and click on the “Affiliates” tab on the top left of the menu bar

Step 3: Receive your unique link and start earning

Activating your account will open your new affiliate dashboard. The first thing you’ll notice is your Affiliate ID and the unique link that you can share, post on your site and send on to friends. Once you share this link with a friend, each person that clicks through this link and registers to the site will be logged under your ‘Referral Users’. To earn commission, your referrer must arrive at the site through your affiliate link, register as a new user, and then successfully complete a sale/purchase.

This Affiliate link will work through any social media platform, a web banner on your site, or even a simple email to a friend.

Step 4: Keep track on your affiliate dashboard

Signing up for the affiliate program provides you with a dashboard where you can go to track your commission earned from the transactions completed by your referred users.

By providing our customers with the opportunity to earn a passive income, we hope to expand our Coindirect community in order to better our service offering. You as a customer can help us by joining the affiliate program today.