November 6, 2018

Coindirect to Support Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork

Coindirect exchange supporting BCH hard fork on the 15th of november

Bitcoin Cash the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization will have a hard fork on the 15th of November 2018. BCH usually integrates and activates protocol upgrades twice a year, but competing developer groups have failed to come to a consensus regarding the proposed upgrade leading to a faction of BCH developers to run their own Bitcoin Cash-parented chain.

What this means for BCH HODLers

Coindirect will be following the standards outlined by Bitcoin ABC which will mean an automatic upgrade to the forked network on November 15. It is expected that the new forked chain will be the dominant network, which Coindirect will be supporting.

What you need to do

All BCH deposits and withdrawals will be suspended 2 hours before the upgrade on the 15th of November, so please make sure you complete all Bitcoin Cash transactions before that date. If you wish to have immediate access to both chains it is recommended that customers withdraw their BCH.

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