July 1, 2018

Bitcoin Exchange Guide features Coindirect’s Marketing Advisor, Ran Neu-Ner

Coindirect - Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Coindirect’s Ran Neu-Ner received an exclusive feature on Bitcoin Exchange Guide after becoming the comprehensive cryptocurrency platform’s new Marketing Advisor. Popular within the crypto community and on CNBC Africa, Ran Nue-Ner is also the founder of OnChain Capital and co-founder of the Creative Counsel.

Bitcoin Exchange Guide also quotes, “Coindirect allows consumers to buy and sell digital currencies under the use of a single wallet, rather than having to access multiple different wallets before deciding with token to use. There are 30+ currencies accepted with Coindirect, and fees start at about 0.25%.” However, Coindirect has improved its offerings to cater for emerging markets:

  • Buyers and sellers in 25 different countries can buy and sell crypto directly from local buyers and sellers on our peer-to-peer marketplace at 0% fees, using local payment methods.
  • A cryptocurrency wallet supporting over 40 coins and altcoins.
  • A cryptocurrency exchange where traders can trade 15 ZAR, USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and BCH trading pairs.
  • An API for direct integration into the exchange, peer-to-peer marketplace and wallet.

You can read the full article on Bitcoin Exchange Guide here.