June 7, 2019

Payments using Bitcoin have never been more simple

Bitcoin payout

Cryptocurrency offers an alternative, convenient way to pay.

Over the past few years, Cryptocurrency has quickly become a popular movement towards digital money; moving from traditional centralized banks to the decentralized, anonymous cryptographic method of transacting.

Currently, Bitcoin’s biggest use is an investment with individuals not touching their Bitcoin and holding on for dear life (HODLing) or traders moving the tokens around to make – or lose – money because of the volatility.

Despite its reputation for being the new alternative asset for financial planning, cryptocurrencies have uses beyond investment, through payments and payouts. The result of this is that it can ultimately act as the next step as electronic finance becomes more widely adopted.

Use-cases for cryptocurrency payouts

Receiving Bitcoin payments is one thing. On the other side of the payments-coin is using the cryptocurrency to payout. As a merchant, there are a number of cases where paying your client in Bitcoin adds a layer of security and convenience to both you and your customer.

Paying out in Bitcoin can be a simple task which can be easily integrated to your platform through Coindirect Business.

Where can I use Bitcoin to payout?


Advertising networks who have international customers are in need of a simple, quick method of paying their publishers.

This is particularly prevalent in cases where the publisher might live in a complicated market or a financially difficult to reach area. Paying out in cryptocurrency alleviates that issue, giving you more reach to global clients.


Bitcoin goes hand in hand with gambling for several reasons: the anonymous, borderless, decentralised and private nature of the cryptocurrency are the dream characteristics for a gambling and online casino payout method.

If you are able to offer your customers the innovative alternative method of payment, it extends your market. More payment methods mean more customers.

It also means having a broader scope, worldwide. Much like in advertising networks, offering customers in difficult areas a method of payment is a massive step in global operations.


You might own a business which specialises in online gaming. Every so often, you launch a competition where cash prizes are available. It brings in massive results, with gamers flocking to play and stand a chance to win some money. It’s all worth it. But if the winner is from a different country or uses different banking systems, the process of paying out can be a pain.

Enter cryptocurrency payout. With Bitcoin, gaming platforms are given the opportunity of paying out without the headaches involved. Simple integration with Coindirect Business means you can send your customers payment quickly, securely and without hefty fees.

Pay using Bitcoin and altcoins

Coindirect Business offers a platform where paying your client is a convenient, simple, and secure process.

Paying in cryptocurrency is advantageous to both you and your client.

  • It offers them an alternative option for payment;
  • It provides you with a secure, convenient method of paying out while opening up your choices geographically.

Pay out in cryptocurrency.

Advantages of cryptocurrency payouts

Cryptocurrency payments are cheaper

Banking fees can be nasty. This is especially true with international payments. Offering clients payment without the disclaimer that they might face heavy fees impacting their pay is important to develop long-lasting business relationships.

Cryptocurrency payments are secure

Industries such as gambling are inherently risky. But this doesn’t mean paying them needs to be.

Coindirect Business has developed machine learning and custom fraud prevention protocols to ensure all transactions are secure and safe for both you and your customer. USing cryptocurrency as a payment option also means there is no currency risk involved.

Paying in Bitcoin is anonymous

In recent times, privacy online has become exceptionally important. This means that keeping an anonymous presence online is appealing. For business owners and individuals whose key focus is online, this is especially important when it comes to financial matters.

Because of its fundamental decentralised nature, Bitcoin payments are anonymous, meaning the integrity of privacy can be retained.

Bitcoin puts the world at your fingertips

Bitcoin payments stand as one of the ways to combat international payment problems. Without cryptocurrency, there can be times when simple things, such as hiring a freelancer to do work for you, becomes difficult because paying them from somewhere across the world is a task. Bitcoin resolves that issue and offers new global opportunities for payment plans.

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