November 8, 2018

Blockfolio now supports Coindirect Exchange

track your crypto holding and manage your portfolio

Cryptocurrency tracking and portfolio management App Blockfolio announced yesterday (7th of November 2018), that Coindirect, will now be a supported exchange on their bitcoin & altcoin portfolio tracking App. Thank you to the Coindirect users who requested Coindirect to be added and to those who upvoted the request.

What does the Blockfolio App do?

track value of your portfolio

  1. Allows you to customize the coin stats you see on the App, so that you only see the market stats for coins you are either interested in or you have invested in.
  2. You can set price notifications so that when a coin reaches a certain value you receive a notification.
  3. Allows you to keep track of the value of all your cryptocurrency investments across multiple supported wallets/exchanges.
  4. Has a news feed to keep you up to date with all crypto news

If you want to keep track of all your crypto held at different exchanges, you might want to give Blockfolio a try. Best thing is, it’s free!