March 12, 2019

How to Buy & Sell Crypto in Europe using SEPA Payments

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You can now buy and sell 40+ cryptocurrencies on  Coindirect using Euro’s. Coindirect customers in European countries that use the EUR currency can now deposit cash into their Coindirect Euro Wallet. The Euro wallet also allows you to withdraw funds into your selected SEPA bank account. This new feature will enable people in Europe to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for cash.

Which Coindirect Customers Get a Euro Wallet?

Customers from Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia and Denmark will automatically get a Euro Wallet.

How the Euro Wallet Works

How to deposit EUR into your Euro Wallet

  1. Log into your Coindirect account, you will see that the Euro wallet is automatically generated if you are from a SEPA crypto with Euro
  2.  Click the Fund button and you will be taken to a transfer now screenfunding your crypto euro wallet
  3. Click the transfer now button and you will be taken to the screen with Funding Instructionscoindirect euro account
  4. Click on the select bank drop down, and select (Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), after which the Coindirect SEPA banking details will appear. Add Coindirect as a beneficiary and make the transfer by following steps 1 to 3 to make a Euro deposit into your Coindirect account.

Please use your unique beneficiary reference highlighted in blue when making deposits

How to Buy Cryptocurrency with EUR

  1. Once your funds reflect in your Euro Wallet you can now click on any of the 40+ coins we support in your coindirect wallet and click the Buy button.

free eur bitcoin wallet

  1. Then insert a Euro amount that is greater than the minimum amount shown in the wallet, as long as it’s available in your Euro wallet.

buy bitcoin with euro

  1. Click Preview Buy to get a quote and to see fees and then confirm.

How to Sell Cryptocurrency for EUR

  1. Go to the wallet of the coin you want to sell and click the Sell button
  2. Either put in the EUR amount you want to sell for or the coin amount you want to sellsell bitcoin for cash in Europe
  3. Click Preview Sell to get a quote and to see the fees and then confirm.

How to Withdraw EUR

  1. If you have funds in your Euro wallet or you sell some coins and you want to withdraw the cash, you must navigate to the Euro Wallet and click the Withdraw button. You will then be taken to a Withdraw Euro screen.making a euro withdrawal
  2. Type the amount of Euro you want to withdraw and select the SEPA bank account you want to withdraw to in the Withdraw to drop down. This bank account is the bank account you added to your profile.
  3. Click Preview Withdraw to see quote and fees and then confirm.

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