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Coin Profile: Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold

A Bitcoin hard fork making Bitcoin decentralised, again. Coin Market Cap Rank: 31 Current Market Cap: $540,144,645 Website:   Cryptocurrency hard forks happen for many reasons. Some were for the purpose of scaling, while others being a result of future goals set by the software developers. In the case of Bitcoin Gold, the open-source […]

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Introducing Stephen Young, our Chief Product Officer

Stephen has been building products for financial organisations since 1999. His career started in the UK as a software consultant and since then has built software for large international banks, asset managers and fintech startups. His broad work experience as a software architect, marketing manager and design team lead at a large asset manager, along […]

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Introducing Attila Bernariusz, our Chief Operations Officer

With over 20 years of experience in online media, Attila strengths lie in digital operations, technology and consumer loyalty. As Chief Operations Officer of Coindirect, he leads a multi-skilled team to push Coindirect’s brand to a global market. He oversees the strategic marketing direction, global brand management, localisation and content management for Coindirect, by providing […]

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Introducing Donald Jackson, our Chief Technology Officer

Over the course of the last decade, Donald has founded and exited several profitable technology companies where he has provided the technical direction from concept to conclusion. He specialises in enterprise-grade systems with extensive experience with highly available, high transactional, back-end systems and solutions. As CTO of Coindirect, he drives API innovation to keep Coindirect […]

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Introducing Jesse Hemson-Struthers, our Chief Executive Officer

Jesse is an entrepreneur with a passion for building the next wave of innovative companies through his technology group, Balfour VC. He grew up in the UK and South Africa and has a proven track record of launching high growth digital facing companies across retail, lead generation, sports betting, property and education. His group provides investment, […]

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Coindirect’s Stephen Young Gives Insight on The Current Bitcoin Price For Express UK

Our Chief Product Officer, Stephen Young, was pressed on the most recent Bitcoin price dip by Express UK. His view took into account a long history of dips and recoveries and suggested the “long-term outlook is positive”. Stephen said “The death of bitcoin has been called 319 times already. While this correction has been severe and long it’s […]

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Coindirect’s Stephen Young on Forbes To Weigh in on Blockchain Meets Mobile

Our Chief Product Officer weighs in on the conversation around how mobile will have a big impact on blockchain technology going forward. He sees Africa as a continent open to the adoption of blockchain technology. Stephen added, “We’ve seen the continent leapfrog traditional banking through newer mobile technologies, making it well placed for widespread adoption […]

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Introducing Gareth Lai, Investment Advisor for Coindirect

Gareth is a partner at Lumen a multi-strategy investment firm focused on both token and equity investments. In parallel, they incubate geographically strategic blockchain companies through their lifecycle. They draw from backgrounds in tech, legal and marketing to provide unique value to companies looking to enter into blockchain or into the Asian market. He was […]

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