July 10, 2018

Coin Insider features Coindirect’s Comprehensive Crypto Offerings

Coindirect - Coin Insider

Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICO and blockchain news platform, Coin Insider, digs deep into Coindirect’s plans to scale the wider crypto market in Africa – the other 1.3-billion – and emerging markets across the globe; through a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading exchange, alongside a peer-to-peer marketplace and cryptocurrency wallet which already supports over 40 coins and altcoins.

Taken from an exclusive interview with Coin Insider, our co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Stephen Young, was quoted as saying: “We’ve got a wallet, a peer-to-peer marketplace, and now an exchange – and really, that caters to a big problem in Africa – Our peer-to-peer offering is a way for us to allow people in countries without good banking support to get fiat money into the crypto-system. Once they’re in – they have a wallet, and from there they can begin trading. Our mix of products allows us to span across all of the market spaces across Africa”.

You can read the full article on Coin Insider here.