April 29, 2019

Practical use cases of cryptocurrency in businesses

Coindirect Business

There’s much more to Bitcoin than a way of making money.

You might know Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency coin which could make you good money if you invest at the right time. While you wouldn’t be wrong, you wouldn’t exactly be right either. There is so much more to cryptocurrency than the price Bitcoin is showing. Right now, we’re only just starting to see what uses are developing from Bitcoin and crypto as a payment gateway.

Real life use cases of Bitcoin

Coindirect is now offering brand new and exciting features with Coindirect Business. Not only are there aspects for cryptocurrency businesses looking to expand their features, but Coindirect Business is also focused on providing innovative methods for traditional businesses to accept payment in easy, secure and instant ways.

Coindirect Business for Traditional Businesses

As a business owner, if you’ve ever had to deal with issues related to global payments then you know the headaches they bring. Coindirect Business offers plug-and-play solutions, clearing your problems without any cryptocurrency infrastructure necessary.

Coindirect Business also makes any global pay-outs easy with quick, hassle-free transactions. If you are a business owner looking to pay clients or customers in Bitcoin but don’t hold any cryptocurrency, it doesn’t matter – Coindirect Business is able to take national currency and transfer it to cryptocurrency for you.

Accept crypto and Bitcoin payments

Crypto payments in the travel industry

You’ve booked a flight before, so you probably know what a stressful task it can be, with double-checking and squinting at details before clicking the ‘purchase’ button.

As a flight carrier or travel agent, you want to offer your customers the best, most relaxing experience before the plane even takes off. We are excited to team up with you so you are able to offer a customer a new option to pay with less “Unfortunately, we don’t accept your card” and more “Hurray, you’re booked!”

Coindirect Business provides you an option to accept payment from customers all over the world with cryptocurrency in a secure, stress-free method with zero chargebacks and no hassles.

Crypto pay-outs in gambling

Daniel from Kenya has just hit the jackpot and is now hassling you because his winnings have taken a week to come through and now he’s being slapped with hefty bank fees. Coindirect Business can alleviate issues of both time and fees, giving you a supportive and customer-friendly offer and giving your customers excellent service experience.

Coindirect Business can give you, as a betting or gambling platform, the opportunity to cut the time and cost to pay out winnings to more than 200 countries instantly. No bank charges, and no issues. If you’re in an area which struggles without the existing infrastructure to support your platform, Coindirect Business opens up the technology to offer your services there.

Not only is paying out easy, betting and gambling platforms also have the option of accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method. As a merchant, you will receive your settlements in EUR instantly facing no currency risk.

Accept Bitcoin for e-commerce

If you’re a company and you sell goods or services on the internet, then it makes to accept payment using a convenient online method. With Coindirect Business, e-commerce companies can accept cryptocurrency as a payment method

E-commerce companies are able to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method, allowing customers to pay in their local currency.

Pay with cryptocurrency to online advertisers

The advertising industry gets a bad rap at times. But it doesn’t need to when it comes to payments for publishers. Advertising networks who have customers across the globe can now use cryptocurrency as an alternative payment method through Coindirect Business in order to pay publishers in markets or regions where payment options are slim.

Cryptocurrency payments for law firms

Although cryptocurrency and the law have had a tumultuous relationship in the past, it need not be the same for cryptocurrency and lawyers. Coindirect Business offers the ability to law firms to deal with customers around the world without the issue of payments across borders. Through cryptocurrency payments, Coindirect Business allows a lawyer to have their invoice with a customer easily settled instantly.

This not only makes this easier for payments, but it also opens up new revenue streams through customers in regions which were previously difficult to reach.

Charities accepting Bitcoin as a payment

Charities can now easily accept donations to their cause from a global audience using a Coindirect wallet dedicated the charity. This opens up fundraising to the world with broader accessibility and simplicity.

Coindirect Business for Cryptocurrency Businesses

If you are heading up a crypto-focused business and are looking for ways to streamline systems, Coindirect Business offers several aspects which can take your crypto business to the next level.

You can choose which exciting features to add to your platform ranging from wallets to token sale plug-ins, making your business accessible to a wider audience, extending your reach and ultimately your customer base.

Use cases of cryptocurrency in business

Accept cryptocurrency through blockchain wallets

If your business has existing cryptocurrency wallets, you can now add the Coindirect Business Buy and Sell functionality to your wallet products. This adds an extra layer of operation use and allows additional methods of payment options.

Bitcoin as a payment gateway in decentralised applications (DApps)

If you run a DApp, you have the opportunity of adding a fiat-to-crypto top-up feature on your platform with Coindirect Business.

Advantages of Coindirect Business

Easy integration

You don’t need to have any existing cryptocurrency infrastructure to take advantage of the benefits Coindirect Business offers. You can expect simplicity, convenience, and security. No demanding technology, complicated protocols, or convoluted implementation is involved.

Risk and compliance

With machine learning and custom fraud protection models in place to keep your funds and business secure, Coindirect Business offers a safe and private platform for exchange.

Global reach

Expand your customer base like never before with technology which offers borderless payments. Coindirect Business provides all you need to reach brand new regions of opportunity.

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