February 6, 2018

What Makes Coindirect Different?

cryptocurrencies you can buy with rands and euros

Coindirect offers an easy-to-use platform for buying, selling and converting over 30 cryptocurrencies.

With more and more people looking for the best route into the cryptocurrency market, we offer a solution that’s regulated, secure and easy to use.

Our peer-to-peer platform brings a much-needed user-friendly edge to the world of cryptocurrency. With a wide range of altcoins on offer, straightforward payment methods and painless wallet conversions, we look to a be a single portal solution for all types of altcoin owners. We know how challenging it can be to find the best solution for your needs so we’ve laid out how we like to do things to help you make an educated choice.

Offering every altcoin that matters

If you’ve heard of it, you’ll most likely find it available to buy on our homepage. We see potential early on by finding the altcoins that are making waves in the industry and making them available to buy on our platform. Our homepage already hosts 34 altcoins that are available to buy using our local peer-to-peer networks. Once you’ve created an account with us, you’ll have access to everything from Dash to Dogecoin, from Litecoin to Siacoin. You’ll be able to avoid the complications of having multiple apps and passwords for each of your altcoin investments by hosting all your cryptocurrencies securely on our platform.

Peer-to-peer instead of exchange

Unlike many of our competitors that have a centralised exchange, we’ve created a platform that facilitates communities of buyers and sellers. This means sellers can set the prices they want, and buyers have options for whom they buy their coins from. All sellers are verified on the platform for your protection and are user-rated to ensure a pleasant buying experience.

Convenient wallet conversion

With so many altcoins on offer, we know our users would benefit from the ability to do simple conversions between their various coins. Once your account is set up with us, you’ll find it easy to not only open new wallets for every altcoin you’re interested in, but also transfer between your wallets with just a couple of clicks. No approvals needed, and no minimum waiting periods.

Sending coins across to wallets hosted outside Coindirect is also a simple and quick process. So if you’re looking to pay for a service using Ethereum or transfering Bitcoin to a hardware based wallet, you’ll never have to think twice.

Serious about security

With every new industry, people can become vulnerable to misinformation and scams. We’ve focussed our energy towards creating a platform with bank-grade security measures and transparent processes. This means you can use payment methods that are convenient to you without stressing about fraud, thanks to our escrow-protected transaction process. Escrow holds purchased coins in a 3rd party location until your transaction is finalised.

Two-factor authentication is an option that gives individual users an additional layer of security. It works in conjunction with the username and password by requesting an additional backup code generated by an Authy/Google Authenticator app. This is an effective measure that users can opt into in order to reduce any chance to intruders accessing your account.


Our company is registered with the Isle of Man and complies with all their AML & KYC requirements to offer fully regulated transactions in every country we operate in. The business is overseen by the Isle of Man Authority for Anti-Money Laundering and CFT compliance to ensure responsible business practices from all parties involved.

Pricing and fees

Every business has a business model, we like to keep it straightforward by taking a small percentage from the sellers price or wallet conversions. This amount is already built into the value you see in your Coindirect wallet so there will never be any surprises from hidden costs or fees popping up when you don’t expect it.   

Growing a global community

With active peer-to-peer communities already trading in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Kenya and Nigeria, we’re looking to continue expanding into more countries in the very near future.

With a fast growing international footprint, we look to offer a simple and safe solution to what can be an unnecessarily convoluted process. Whether you’re interested in building up an altcoin investment portfolio, or you’re just looking for a platform that’ll give you access to all your wallets in one secure location, Coindirect brings world class service to its users.