October 8, 2018

Coindirect Cryptocurrency & Hardware Wallet Giveaways

Altcoin & Hardware Wallet Giveaway

For the next 3 months, Coindirect will be running two giveaway competitions for our customers. Our giveaways will include a selected coin each month, as well a cold-storage hardware wallet.

How our competitions will work

Coin Giveaway:

  1. In order to participate, you need to have or open a Coindirect account.
  2. Share the competition via a referral link to gain more entries
  3. At the end of each of the 3 months, we will run a draw where one lucky Coindirect customer will win the coin; deposited into their Coindirect account.

This month we are giving away 150 XRP. Follow this link to enter:

Cold-Storage Hardware Wallet Giveaway:

We have partnered up with leading cryptocurrency hardware wallet providers, Trezor and Ledger, for our hardware wallet competition.

  1. In order to participate, entrants must hold a Coindirect account and have cryptocurrency stored in their Coindirect wallet.  
  2. Either purchase cryptocurrency on Coindirect using the P2P marketplace, Wallet or the Exchange. Alternatively, you can transfer cryptocurrency bought on other exchanges to your Coindirect wallet during the period of the competition.

Please note: you will not be eligible to win a hardware wallet if you do not own any cryptocurrency in your Coindirect wallet.

To find the latest giveaway click here.