March 23, 2018

3 Ways You Can Earn Bitcoin and Other Altcoins

Making an income from Cryptocurrency is now possible, here are 3 ways to earn bitcoin

Buying bitcoin is the obvious way to invest, but earning could take your investment much further. If you’re looking for a way to steadily supplement your growing crypto investment, we have 3 routes you can take. Instead of sitting on the same amount of bitcoin and hoping it grows in value, you can use these techniques to continually boost your balance. Each way to earn bitcoin has different challenges and will require different levels of commitment from you. Luckily, we can help.

Share with the Affiliate Program

The Coindirect Affiliate Program has been set up to reward anyone able to refer new buyers and sellers to the site. Once signed up for the program, Coindirect will track every user that signs up from the unique link given to you. You’ll then be able to earn 20% of the trade fees from each transaction they make going forward.

You’ll be able to share your unique link via social media, email or posting on your website or forum. Each click-through gives you the potential to make a passive income from the trades your referrals make. Learn more able making the most of your Affiliate link by clicking here.   

Trade as a Vendor

By partnering with Coindirect, you’ll be able to earn bitcoin as a Vendor. The global peer-to-peer marketplace lets people start a career trading bitcoin and the 30+ other altcoins available on the platform. By creating competitive Offers on the site you’ll be able to earn from the fluctuating values and the markups you choose to make. This kind of work will require you to understand how financial markets function as well as a keen interest in the technology behind cryptocurrency. As with traditional trading, you will require some capital up front to have liquidity as a trader.

Coindirect currently supports Vendors in 24 countries and offers a dedicated support team to assist you with creating successful Offers on the platform. If you’d like to know more about how to get started as a Vendor click here.     

Mining for coins

Most cryptocurrencies are designed to reward nodes that participate in the blockchain process with coins. You can get involved by being a node and connecting the processing power of your computer to the blockchain. This route is only recommended for people with a strong understanding of computer hardware. However, the option to invest in a mining rig as a group or pool of people is much more common. This is due to the cost of setting up the equipment, as well as the increased ability to earn coins as a group.

It’s highly recommended that the electricity costs associated with running a mining rig are accurately measured against the value of the coins you’ll be able to mine. Due to the variables of processing power, electricity usage and cooling needed, this isn’t necessarily a profitable exercise. Countries with cold climates and low electricity costs like Sweden, Iceland and Canada have become known for Crypto mining operations. To learn more about the feasibility of crypto mining, you can get additional resources here.