September 6, 2019

Instant withdrawals and increased limits – our recent changes

Buy more crypto for less

We’ve been burning the midnight oil to bring a few highly anticipated changes to Coindirect. 💡

Through feedback from our regular traders and investors, we’ve increased our limits for crypto-buying for both credit card and wallet purchases, and we’ve added instant crypto withdrawals. 

“The crypto market moves hourly and for many of our traders, it’s the small changes that can add up to a big impact. With recent changes, users will be able to sign up, invest, and trade without verification up to a certain limit as well as withdraw their crypto instantly if they need to,” says Nic Haralambous, Coindirect’s COO. 

“As an agile startup, we’re excited to be able to affect changes in our platform lead by what our users indicate they’d like to see. The team has worked on this recent implementation, and the positive response from our users has been a great reward. 

Users are also able to unlock higher limits by verifying their account in a quick and easy process. Our support team is ready to help with any questions or queries. Email us on .

Click here to see the new limits and fees: and follow Coindirect on social media to catch more upcoming updates.