January 21, 2019

A New, Fresh and Simple Coindirect Experience

coindirect cryptocurrency free wallet

What is Coindirect?

Coindirect is a cryptocurrency wallet that gives people in emerging markets the simplest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency using their local fiat currency. We allow our customers to convert between over 40 different cryptocurrencies.

Why did we build Coindirect?


It’s important to understand why we created Coindirect to place the newest version of our product. We believe that cryptocurrency has the potential to change money. Coindirect is leading this change in emerging markets starting with Africa. We’re changing the way people use money, understand money and interact with it every day.

Many people in emerging markets do not benefit at all from traditional monetary systems. Our main goal is to bring the next wave money to a customer that needs it the most. In the new world of finance, we believe that the simpler you can engage with your own money, store it and use it, the better of you will be. This informs just about every design decision we make.

Why we updated our design

Throughout 2018 our team focused on the underlying platform and making sure that our core product offering was as robust as possible. We launched in a surging bull market and reacted to a downturn which gave us time to user test and really understand what our customers wanted from our platform.

We are constantly looking for ways to make our user experience simpler and tweaks, changes and updates will be ongoing.

What we wanted to achieve

With our first major design change we wanted to accomplish two very simple goals:

  • Simplify the user experience
  • Focus on mobile first

The emerging markets are mobile first and in many countries, mobile only. This is the core focus for our team at all times; how would a user on a mobile device use this specific feature?

When we ask ourselves these questions, we inevitably begin to discuss things like load speed, how much data you consume when opening or using our platform and how quickly and effectively we can help you perform the task you are trying to complete.

Our process

Throughout the design process we are constantly testing our views with users to see if what we think will work actually does work for them. We perform user interviews to determine how our customers think about crypto and how they experience our product.

We ran multiple sets of user tests to figure out the pain points that our users experience frequently with our core offering. Some of the things that users struggled with included:

    • Finding tokens they were looking for quickly and easily
    • Determining token price and wallet balance
    • Buy/convert process
    • Funding process

We then completed multiple rounds of interactive prototypes combined with usability tests to iterate on the new designs that we built. As we discovered the parts that worked we would repeat tests and iterate until we had a working design that solved the problem that our users had.

What’s changed?

Wallet Creation

One of the major changes that we have implemented removes the need to manually create a wallet for a new cryptocurrency you want to use. We’ve automatically manage wallet creation for you.

A simplified way to fund your fiat wallet.

creating a free bitcoin wallet

Buying and Selling vs Converting

We separated the act of converting between cryptocurrencies from buying and selling. Buying and selling cryptocurrency involves the use of traditional fiat currency like Dollars, Pounds, Euros or Rands (in South Africa).

zar to bitcoin and crypto conversions

Converting from one crypto to another

The act of converting on the Coindirect platform is a cryptocurrency transaction that involves two cryptocurrencies and no traditional fiat currency. For this reason, we’ve separated that action out into a specific and unique process that is simple and easy to complete. You have BTC, you want ETH, you convert BTC to ETH. Simple.

crypto conversions and buying

Improved coin listing and wallet pages

Our initial coin and wallet pages were simple and really just provided the absolute bare minimum for our users to get started. We have now added three key pieces of information to help understand your crypto better:

Sparklines of 24H movement

The current price of the token you are looking at

Your current balance of the specific token