September 4, 2018

Nigeria shows How to ‘Make Money’ with Cryptocurrency on Coindirect

how to make money with cryptocurrency in nigeria

Nigerian digital publisher, Make Money, features Coindirect in an article on the best way to make money using cryptocurrency. Make Money distinctly feature the issues currently faced by Nigeria and the ways in which Coindirect has scaled these issues through its integrated offering.

“Coindirect’s fresh solution to scaling remittance in Nigeria backs altcoins like USDT which is tied to the US Dollar and can be used as remittance to avoid paying the exorbitant cross-border charges brought by fiat transfers.” says Make Money. Continuing, “Whilst players like Remitano, Paxful and NGexchanger offer some functionality utilized by Coindirect, what differentiates Coindirect from its competitors is that all under one single website it features an end-to-end integrated offering.”

Read the full article on Make Money.