May 15, 2019

Fiat on-ramps and off-ramps for crypto platforms made simple

Crypto payments

Making sending and receiving payments more convenient, widening your reach and your audience.

We all know a guy who insists on the “cash is king” mindset and refuses to use a bank account. He proclaims that he’d rather sleep with his funds tucked under his pillow than give in to the “corporate systems”. He chooses a life of standing by his principles but resigns himself to a life of inconvenience because, honestly everything electronic – including banking – makes life that much easier.

Imagine telling him he can stand by his values and get the convenience he so dearly wishes he could enjoy.

With Coindirect Business, you don’t actually need to imagine. Cryptocurrencies open up space where customers can gain access to online assets without relying on banks as a means to store their funds.

Cryptocurrency for business

You’re involved in a cryptocurrency-focused business. Now, you are searching for a system to streamline your online services with a sanctioned, secure, and simple structure. You’re in luck!  Coindirect Business offers more than just great alliteration.

The benefits of using cryptocurrency for payments

Offering numerous ways to pay for products could open your market like never before.

Similarly, providing storage of crypto-asset opens up a global offer to customers who previously couldn’t be reached.

With Coindirect Business, you can expand your customer support without moving location through simple on and offramps. This will this increase customer reach on a global scale, but will also help to grow your customer base simply by including new methods of payment. For example, the man who wants to “short the banks” while hoping to store his money online will benefit from a cryptocurrency wallet. There he can safely hold his assets in a secure, decentralised location.

Buy cryptocurrency

You can offer your customers a place to buy cryptocurrencies in their fiat currency through credit card payments, bank transfers or mobile money. Through Coindirect Business on-ramps, you’ll be able to provide a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including the option of buying Bitcoin. Fiat-to-cryptocurrency sales have an air of risk because of scammers trying their luck with fraudulent payments. To combat this, our features are integrated with world-class fraud prevention which flags suspicious payments.

Sell cryptocurrency

Johnny from Namibia managed to buy Bitcoin before it – and its value – got big. Now, he’s looking to sell his crypto for cold hard cash. Offering Johnny the opportunity to exchange his tokens for fiat might seem like an impossible task if you don’t have any blockchain or cryptocurrency infrastructure in place on your platform. We’re delighted to tell you it’s not impossible, It’s not even difficult.

Our simple plug-and-play offramp solution allows you to sell Johnny cash for his crypto effortlessly. If you don’t know who “Johnny” is and what his financial background looks like, that’s not an issue. Coindirect Business comes with full know-your-customer (KYC) support. To add extra layers of regulatory protection, the platform comes with anti-money-laundering (AML) support too.

How can I use cryptocurrency services?

If you’re in a cryptocurrency business, you probably know how difficult it can be to add extra features to your platform. Coindirect Business makes it easy to include different services with none of the hassles of building them in.

Blockchain wallets

You might have a business which caters for cryptocurrency storage, such as providing wallets. With us, you can offer your users the ability to buy cryptocurrency through your platform.

With simple flow methods from start to finish, your customers could sell or buy Bitcoin and other crypto tokens through several clicks of the mouse button. We offer easy, integrated services so that your customers can buy and sell the desired token with their local currency without having to worry about the hassle of sending it to a complicated wallet address.

This adds functionality and practical convenience to your platform with no effort on your part.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

If your company’s focus is on crypto-to-crypto trading and your biggest mover is one of the Bitcoin/altcoin pairings, you might be missing out on a bigger opportunity. According to Google Trends, the search volume for the term “buy Bitcoin” is significantly higher than “trade Bitcoin”.

Fiat-to-Bitcoin and Bitcoin-to-fiat ‘trades’ might just be the holy grail of cryptocurrency exchanges and it doesn’t need to be a headache to implement.

With fiat on and offramps, you can offer your customers the option to buy cryptocurrency from their local currency. You can also provide them with the chance to sell their cryptocurrency for fiat if they’re ready to trade their tokens for cash.

To find out more, select the “For cryptocurrency businesses” tab on Coindirect Business.