May 11, 2018

Coindirect Fees For Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Trades

buying and selling fees

Knowing more about our fee structure can help you make smarter decisions

Knowing the fees involved for any service you receive can not only save you money but also give you peace of mind when making important decisions. No one likes to feel like they have been misled or blindsided. This is why we keep our fees transparent for anyone looking to use our platform. Fees should be considered when making any transaction, that’s why we encourage our customers to know more about how our fee structure operates.

Buying and selling bitcoin

Bitcoin acts as a base currency for the platform, there is a 1% fee for buying it on our peer-to-peer marketplace. You’re able to choose which vendor you would like to buy bitcoin from as well as how you would like to pay them. Coindirect supports local bank transfers, PayPal and has recently launched the ZAR Wallet for South African users. The transaction can conclude fairly quickly but will depend on which banks are being used and the responsiveness of the vendor.

The fees for selling bitcoin on the Coindirect marketplace are also 1%. Simply select your prefered vendor from the “Sell Coins” page and the account you would like them to credit. 

Buying and selling altcoins

Purchasing Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum or any of the other altcoins available on our site is just as easy as buying bitcoin. You select the coin you want from the “Buy Coins” page and select the offer you want. The only difference in the process is that it includes a 0.25% fee for converting it from Coindirect’s base currency of Bitcoin.

For selling any of the altcoins you hold using Coindirect, you will first need to convert it back to bitcoin at the same transaction fee of 0.25%. From this point, you can select your prefered vendor under the “Sell Coins” page.


All of our vendors using our platform also have a 1% fee for buying and selling bitcoin. They can set their competitive offers knowing there will be no hidden costs. If you are interested in becoming a Coindirect Vendor, you can read about how to get started here.

Ask us about fees

Do you still have questions? Our support team are available 7 days a week to help with any specific queries you may have about our current fee structure. You can mail them directly at this address