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Coindirect Wins the First Ever Best Crypto Exchange Africa ADVFN Award

best crypto exchange africa

Financial services provider ADVFN has just announced the winners of the annual International Financial Awards and Coindirect is excited to announce that it has been named a winner. Coindirect has been named “The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in Africa”. This is one of several categories which are making their debut this year. In this honour, Coindirect […]

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What cryptocurrencies can you buy on Coindirect?

cryptocurrencies you can buy with rands and euros

Coindirect allows people all over the world to buy 43 of the leading digital currencies using their local currency or other cryptocurrencies. Currently, Coindirect fully supports crypto-to-fiat payments in South Africa and Europe (SEPA Countries) using the ZAR and Euro Wallets respectively. In other regions, customers can purchase crypto on our marketplace from local sellers who […]

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