February 27, 2018

5 Ways To Make a Passive Income From Our Crypto Affiliate Program

We recently launched our affiliate program to reward our loyal users for referring others to our platform. If you enjoy using Coindirect, referring your friends and followers can now benefit you, as well as help us to reach more people by expanding our growing community. We thought it would be useful to share 5 of the different ways you can promote your affiliate link to maximise your potential for earning passive income through our Affiliate program.

  1. Share your link with all your friends & family
    If people you know are curious about joining, you can share your link with them directly on your Whatsapp, Facebook and other any other personal social media channels. Let them know that you use our platform to buy, sell and convert up to 34 different cryptocurrencies. Be sure to copy and paste the specific link given to you so Coindirect can accurately track your referrals.
  2. Share with the world via social media
    Having a significant social media following on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, especially with an audience interested in cryptocurrency, will be a big advantage for you. Sharing your unique link on any platform will build up your list of referrals, and you’ll earn from each of their transactions on Coindirect. We are live in 17 countries which give you a huge audience to promote to. Read our article on what makes coindirect different to get some ideas about the different services we offer.
  3. Create YouTube review videos using screen recorders or screenshots
    YouTube can be one of the most effective places to start promoting your affiliate links as there is a large potential audience hungry for useful cryptocurrency content. Create videos showing how simple it is to buy or sell altcoins using Coindiect, and include your affiliate link in the description below. There is an endless amount of content to create as we offer over 34 altcoins. You can read our tutorials on our blog on how to buy bitcoin and how to sell cryptocurrency on Coindirect to get an idea of what video content to create.
  4. Start a blog or post articles and reviews on your existing blog
    Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are going to be a trending throughout 2018. Everyone from the mainstream media and business insiders to governments and even your next door neighbours are part of the conversation. Creating a blog that talks about bitcoin or any of the altcoins out there would be a smart way to promote your link. Reviewing the Coindirect experience or writing about how to buy the different coins in your country would entice your audience to click through. The volumes of people seeking out useful cryptocurrency content are surging, so this might be your opportunity to benefit from this new found interest. You could even document your cryptocurrency investment journey with Coindirect. You can find a selection of promotional Coindirect banners at the bottom of this post that you can download and host on your website with your Affiliate link.
  5. Used paid ads to promote your link
    One way for affiliates to make money is to advertise their reviews using paid advertising such as AdWords and other pay per click advertising networks*. The goal of using PPC ads is to make more money than you are spending on your ads so that you can make a profit. Paid ads give you high volumes in terms of exposure, which could lead to the right people clicking through and buying using your affiliate link. You can also promote your review or article with your affiliate link on social media, such as promoting on Twitter and Facebook or LinkedIn.

There are many ways to promote your affiliate link, this list should give you a few ideas to get you started. Remember that you earn 20% commision from our fees for every transaction that a user referred by you makes on our platform. If you can refer vendors you will make even more as they transact on a daily basis. So you may want to create content targeting vendors in our newly supported regions such as India, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore to name a few.

*Please note that the use of “Coindirect” or Coindirect-related brand keywords in advertising by affiliates is prohibited.