March 4, 2019

How to sell altcoins for ZAR

Introducing the new, faster, easier way to sell altcoins for Rands. Previously, if you wanted to sell altcoins for ZAR you had to use the Convert button. Now the Convert button is for Crypto-to-Crypto transactions, and the Sell button is for Crypto-to-ZAR transactions.

How to sell altcoins:

1. Go to the wallet for the coin you want to sell

sell altcoins for zar

2. Click the Sell button and enter the ZAR Amount

selling altcoins in South Africa

Alternatively you can click the symbol with the two vertical arrows to enter the altcoin (e.g. ETH) amount you want to sell.

sell ethereum for rands

3. Click Preview Sell at the bottom of your screen to get a quote at current market rate and confirm your order

selling altcoins for rands in south africa
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