June 3, 2019

[Fiat Off-Ramps]: How to add a ‘Sell Bitcoin’ feature to your platform

Sell Bitcoin

Adding a ‘Sell Bitcoin’ feature to your platform doesn’t need to be a laborious task.

How to sell Bitcoin the easy way

When Bitcoin spikes, buying and selling Bitcoin can become profitable for both the trader and linked exchanges. Earning money through trading Bitcoin has become a livelihood for investors focused on innovative technology, which has resulted in the emergence of new cryptocurrency businesses.

Many businesses have a focus on one aspect of cryptocurrency such as exchanging, offering a peer-to-peer marketplace, or storage, but rely on other platforms for other features. For example, a cryptocurrency wallet provider might rely on a trade exchange for their customers to purchase Bitcoin to store. With the complexity and expense of building cryptocurrency infrastructure, it can be difficult to integrate different features onto your platform.

If you are a wallet provider, wouldn’t it be amazing to offer your customers a way to sell Bitcoin straight from their wallet?

It would be amazing. And it’s easily possible to offer your customers the very best of buying and selling cryptocurrency straight from your platform. Using the simple plug-and-play platform by Coindirect Business allows you to integrate different features on your website without needing to build any new systems or developing new infrastructure.

Is it easy to sell cryptocurrency?

The short answer: It can be.

The longer answer: With the right exchange platform, selling cryptocurrency for local currency can be as easy as clicking a button and typing your name. If you are a cryptocurrency business and want to sell cryptocurrency on your platform, you also can offer the same convenience to your clients.

Adding a fiat-offramp to your business diversifies the features offered. If you provide your customers with more variety, it supports them in their crypto endeavours. Ultimately, this widens your reach and helps generate more cash-flow.

The convenience of selling cryptocurrency

Selling Bitcoin in a world where cryptocurrency is not widely accepted sounds like it could be a nightmarish task. This might be true if you need to build all of the systems required to provide a service such as crypto sales. If you don’t need to develop the processes, then having a ‘Sell Bitcoin’ option on your site is so easy you could do it in your sleep. With Coindirect Business, the integration of cryptocurrency on-ramps and off-ramps is simple, smooth, and streamlined, meaning you can sell Bitcoin and select altcoins with ease and convenience.

Sell Bitcoins and altcoins

With the movement of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market, whether up or down, investors and traders tend to buy and sell often and in large quantities. This means that if you offer crypto-to-crypto trades, you might be missing out profitable crypto-to-fiat or fiat-to-crypto transactions. Chances are if an experienced trader buys Bitcoin when it’s at a low value, they are likely to sell it for their national currency as it starts gaining value in order to collect profits as the cryptocurrency climbs up. The result of this is both a profit for the trader as well as the exchange or the point of sale.

No merchant fees for accepting cryptocurrency

Everything good comes with a catch, right?

Not right.

As a business owner, you will face no hefty fees on any cryptocurrency purchase when using Coindirect Business as your platform to send or receive cryptocurrency payments. Your customers pay a buy-sell spread, which alleviates, meaning you don’t lose anything on the payments you receive.

Selling cryptocurrency to a global market

If you’re in a business where cryptocurrency is the focus, then you know how relevant international and border regulations are in the industry. You’ll also know how important digital money is for international payments and sales.

Being able to offer the buying and selling of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency through your business can open up your reach to untapped sectors where payment options are slim. This means support for your customer in addition to extending your business’ reach to new, previously unreached areas.

Coindirect Business ensures that all systems and protocols are in accordance with country regulations.

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