October 9, 2019

Coindirect partners with ToTheMoon to bring crypto-payments to the game

tothemoon integrates coindirect business cryptocurrency payments

Coindirect has gone live with another exciting merchant partnership – online game ToTheMoon. Built by Tronext, a decentralised gaming platform, ToTheMoon is one of many games on the Tronext network that allows players to win and accumulate the Tron (TNX/TRX) cryptocurrency. 

Coindirect Business and Tronext worked together to bring a fiat-to-crypto payment method to the game. The integration allows ToTheMoon players to quickly and easily purchase TNX/TRX within the game using their credit cards. Through Coindirect’s simple plug-and-play solution, game-makers like Tronext are able to fully harness the power of cryptocurrency as a payment solution to extend the reach of their games beyond borders. 

Says Konstantin Vaschenko from ToTheMoon, “Coindirect provides one of the best embeddable fiat-crypto solutions out there. It is overwhelmingly beneficial for the DApps [decentralised applications] that want to bring in users from outside the crypto world. Some people might like your product per se, but may happen to have very little idea of what crypto is about. This is where solutions like Coindirect’s play a crucial role in increasing the number of your users.” 

Coindirect, backed by Concentric, MakerDAO and, recently introduced an over-the-counter (OTC) model for cryptocurrency trading. 

Says Coindirect COO, Nic Haralambous, “Coindirect Business is the flip side of the coin for driving mass adoption of cryptocurrency. We want to directly service big traders through our platform but we also want to bring the simplicity of cryptocurrency as a payment solution to as many online merchants as we can. If you’re running an online or tech business, a blockchain-based payment method is a no-brainer.” 

His sentiments were echoed by the Tronext team, who said that their motivation for the integration was wanting clients to have a smooth and efficient experience with buying products or services “without needing to learn about blockchains, and [cryptocurrency] exchanges”.

“The ultimate goal, we, as an industry, are all heading towards is allowing people to make larger purchases without “know-your-customer” requirements and other halting steps – much like they wouldn’t need to go through any of that when buying an airplane ticket,” says Vaschenko.

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