July 3, 2019

Make travel bookings simple with cryptocurrency payments

Bitcoin payment

Open up the world while opening up the global market.

As a business owner, you might know the splitting headaches chargebacks can give you. The administration involved when a customer buys something, to reverse the order, and have a waiting period with no clarity.

If you provide services where time is a major factor, such as flight bookings, then chargebacks can be hugely problematic.

Accepting credit card payments doesn’t need to be like this.

With the integration of cryptocurrency platform onto your business payment model, you can offer quick, painless payments methods without facing chargebacks.

Accept Bitcoin for flight bookings

If you’ve booked a flight before, you know that the process isn’t always simple. It can be stressful trying to align your plans with the itineraries available. And then in addition to confirming all of the personal details, there is the stress of waiting for the payment to go through once all of your banking or credit details have been entered.

As a flight carrier, it’s likely that you want to offer your customers the most convenient way for them to pay for their flights. This means offering different payment methods while maintaining safety and security throughout the process.

Adding cryptocurrencies to your list of payment options can alleviate the stress from your customers while getting rid of the waiting periods as the payment moves from their bank to yours.

Coindirect Business offers you a streamlined method of accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments so that you don’t have the issues attached to banking delays and there is no risk of chargebacks.

Moreover, cryptocurrency payments pair perfectly when it comes to offering the flights for those going to blockchain or cryptocurrency conferences such as Consensus New York or Blockchain Connect Conference. It means customers who are moving from one crypto-hub, such as Switzerland, to another like Singapore can experience a trip fully backed by cryptocurrency. It offers them the ideal flight-booking and it comes with no effort from you at all.

The benefits of accepting Bitcoin payments

Cryptocurrency payments have low fees

Often customers have to face the problem of heavy fees when making international payments. Providing them with an alternative method which has a better fee structure makes you more appealing as a merchant or booking agent, which can attract more customers to your business.

Bitcoin payments open up a global market

What better way to open up the world than to open up payments to an international market? With cryptocurrency payments, there is a resolution to issues of global payments. This means that customers in difficult to reach markets can access your business with ease and convenience.